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Cultured Coconut Yogurt

Updated: Mar 6, 2020


This yogurt has been a GAME-CHANGER, for me, family, clients and colleagues alike. The recipe was under my nose for YEARS, and it wasn’t until a fellow nutritionist posted about it (Carmen, I’m looking at YOU!) that “I got woke” – as they say in ‘millennial speak’ haha. I dig it. (Carmen posted a recipe originally <I think?> published by Minimalist Baker).

All You Need Is … LOVE! yes, but not …. all you need is:

  1. Coconut Milk

  2. Starter

  3. 1-3 days

  4. Fridge

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, yes. Yes it is. And before you ask, here are the answers to the questions swimming in that head of yours:

What kind of coconut milk? : I find the coconut milk that a) ferments the best and b) solidifies the most is Aroy-D Coconut milk in the CAN. Ingredients are coconut and water only. Nothing else.

What do I use for a starter?: You can use a few tablespoons from a cultured store-bought yogurt to start, or a couple of probiotic capsules. And eventually, when you’ve already made a batch; a few tablespoons of your own will get the culture going in your next batch.

Method of Madness?

Combine coconut milk & starter in a glass jar (glass is non-porous and my vesicle of choice!), cover with a paper towel/elastic and put in a warm place for a couple of days to ferment. I like leaving it in in the oven with the light on – OR in the instant pot on warming.

Check every 8-12 hours for separation and stir when needed. Two days to achieve TART plain unsweetened yogurt. Three in a cooler environment.

Then – separate into smaller jars if you wish, cap and refrigerate. The longer you let it set, the firmer it will be! And it lasts quite a long time – just be aware of spoilage and disregard if needed (look for pink or green spots, off-taste/smell etc.)

And that’s it! I LOVE this tart yogurt drizzled over fruit/granola. I LOVE this yogurt in a savory stir-fry to thicken up a sauce. And I LOVE this yogurt on it’s own. It’s fresh, bright and satisfying…. and better than anything on the market (in my humble opinion!)

Choose Healthy!

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