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Rejuvelac – make your own probiotic supplement


To make this, choose a whole grain: brown rice, wheat berries, quinoa, kamut berries, millet etc. I find that quinoa sprouts the fastest.

Fill a jar with 1 cup whole grains and water. 


Cover jar with a double layer of cheese cloth and secure with a rubber band. Let stand for 12 hours in a dark place at room temperature.

Drain & rinse then just cover soaked grain with water for 3 days, rinsing and replenishing daily until grains begin to sprout. Do not immerse grains in water, just moisten.

After -1-3 days, once grains begin to sprout (you will see little tails emerge) split sprouted grain into two jars, fill with water and cover with cheese cloth. Soak again for 3 more days. The water will turn cloudy and have a slightly tart flavour.

Discard grains. The liquid is now rejuvelac. (makes 5 cups)


* Rejuvelac is FREEZABLE!

* Studies show, that most people who are gluten intolerant, allergic to gluten, or who suffer from celiac disease are able to drink rejuvelac made from wheat, however, please speak to your health care provider prior to ingesting, especially those who are diagnosed celiac.

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